Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Last week, after much thinking and hesitations, our 16 year old cat went to kitty heaven. I had such a dilemna about him about a year ago- making messes he never made before, frequently. I knew he was getting old and that his time was near. I tried him on some psych meds that seemed to help. All was well. Crisis averted. However, after we got Sammy, we knew we couldn't keep Nikki at our house anymore. He was too old and didn't like the trama of a dog barking at him when he went about daily life. So, to my parents he went where it was much quieter and he has a tea cup poodle to contend with. He was such a great cat- full of personality, still acting like a baby in ways, that he won my dad over. That's saying a lot because my dad is NOT a cat lover or even a cat liker. They got to be good friends. However, he was getting really cranky, losing weight, just not himself, and making messes again. I think he was having kidney failure. It was time. I'm really thankful that I had time away from him before he was gone, otherwise it would have been really hard. I'm thankful for all the great memories and all the years of companionship he provided. I knew him longer than anyone in the Wright household. He is missed!
On a happier note, S, C & I were playing Yahtzee tonight when, all of a sudden, Samuel spotted Catherine's lizzard in my philadendron! How long ago was that that he escaped? How did he survive that amount of time with no crickets to eat? He did look a mite thin, but still full of energy. I think the enclosure may be a bit for him to get used to after freedom in the house. Where was he that we never saw him/ vacuumed him/ swept him up? Or that Sammy didn't get him? Makes me wonder what else I've missed around here...

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