Monday, April 11, 2011

Today was a big day at our house. Memory Master testing. The test of all the material we learned for 24 weeks of meeting at CC, in random order (unlike I've been quizzing them at home) and with a different person. At home, all was good. At testing, we had some difficulties. C was a huge rattle-it-off kind of girl, but had some hiccups. As she got more upset, she couldn't calm herself and got even more upset. Rests were given. Coaching from me. Lots of encouragement and support. Another chance. By then, nerves were shot, but she refused to quit, given the opportunity by me and another tutor. Finally, we called it quits. Associative, commutative, identity, and distributive laws were all jumbled in her head and would not come out. How old was I when I knew Newtons 3 laws of motion and 3 laws of thermodynamics? 40. She knew THOSE, but those math laws wouldn't come out. It was painful for all involved. I so admire her tenacity and desire to get it. (She's a bit like me.) I can relate to the pain of feeling like you just couldn't quite live up to the ideal. We are separated by 31 years, but we still feel the same feelings and have to go back to those same basics- We are loved, we are valuable, we matter. We fail, but God is faithful to love us in spite of what He already knew we'd do and be. The lesson of relying on Him for strength when we feel we can't go on, instead of falling apart while we try to make it on our own is one needful at all ages. And of remembering His love for us is greater than anything else in life. May we (she and I) learn it once and for all. And soon. And so, lots of tears and hugs later, we went to Big Lots. Yes, the land of a good bargain, and many times an organic snack for cheap prices. We happened upon something I think is called Rob's Good Stuff- blueberry flavored tea and Brazilian orangeaid. MMMmmm! After the little ones were in bed, we celebrated more with apple oat bars and coconut milk chocolate ice cream while we watched Little House on the Prairie. (We only have 3 episodes left! What will we do next?) Some fun Hannah things- she literally ran out of the house, and down 2 steps in our garage without pausing Sunday morning when we left for church. She put her shoes on by herself. She didn't cry when I told her we needed to leave and she didn't have time to finish her breakfast. She's had smiley faces everyday at school, imagine that. By the way, Samuel passed his tesing, although he was quite concerned about 13's, 14's, 15's, and cubes being asked in random order. I appreciate his calm, cool approach to things. It's all under control. Going to get through it just fine. For the most part. He was very sweet and encouraging to Catherine instead of boasting or rubbing it in. Handled very nicely Where's Caleb in all of this? Back at home with us. Being the funny kid he always is. Today, he spent most of the day in his doggy hat. The one that's supposed to cover his mouth. When a mouth moves as much as his does, it's difficult to keep it covered! I told him at lunch that he needed to finish his apple and THEN he could have a few chips. He finished his apple. I was outside reviewing with the big guys when he came out with his many chips. He could barely see from under the bill, but he was so pleased with himself. That changed quickly. Oh well. One of those things. And Sammy. Oh my. 3 days, 3 times running around the neighborhood. We found the hole and fixed it for now. I'm so thankful the collar is still attached nicely so kind people can call me and let me know they have my cute dog. Cats are decidedly easier, but what would we do without this guy?

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