Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wow! More than a week passed since I've posted. It's been a fun-filled week, so it did zoom by. Caleb was playing with my camera, so I tucked it up where he couldn't get it. Oops! I can't get to it either!

We do know that our papers are in ROG and should've been given to the judge already. It's just 3 copies of the same thing and 2 copies of 2 other POA's, so it shouldn't take that long to decide they're all in order and give us a date. At this point, I'm pretty sure the Hauflers are going to be there for a while without us, afteral, it's the 17th and they leave in 8 days. This truly gives us time to get through all the plans I have for June and sail into a very calm, unplanned July.

Meanwhile, the goats went home Friday, we had 4 hours of rehearsal for Catherine's ballet that night, and 2.5 hours Saturday morning. It paid off beautifully that night- they were really sweet. I look forward to finding my camera so I can share pictures with you.
We've had a great 2nd week of swim lessons, lots of good discussions about homeschooling solutions, grains, making butter, discipline issues, communication, etc. I must say that steamy sauna-like environment has been very helpful to me. The kids are doing well, too. Lot's of improvement. Thinking about a second round if mom's up to driving... and sweating...
We went after lessons yesterday to Will Rogers' birthplace and had a picnic. The kids had a blast running around together, and the moms had a fabulous time continuing our chatting. I think I'm going to go through withdrawals Monday morning!
Today I tried to make butter. I'm all about hormone and antibiotic free foods. However, I've never been very picky about my butter. Kind of silly when you think butter comes from cows who have received all those. There's a creamery not too far away that sells cream! So, not having a hand mixer, not the desire to sit and shake a bottle for hours on end, I decided to use my Vitamix! Brilliant idea if I'd wanted to make butter soup. So, I went to the food processor, and it worked beautifully! The butter is beautiful and light, just begging to be eaten. My plan is to get a bunch and freeze it so I can have this yummy stuff all year round (and make the mess all at once so I don't have to keep cleaning it up!)

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..So excited for you guys!!! :D What a HUGE blessing! God is good :)