Friday, June 25, 2010

One week!

How wild is it to be saying that! We've gotten a lot done, and I have a lot on my list today. Mom and Dad came over yesterday and we got the girls' room decorated, the boys room painted and put back together again, as well as placing some decorations I've had and needed another eye to help. I was wiped by the time I was done. Pizza for dinner, and I thought I'd just fall asleep right away. However, I couldn't sleep for a while, then Caleb got up 4 times. Oh, I need a nap!

Our family sponsorship page is still open, but here's the wonderful thing about God. We had enough, between savings and our fsp to pay for all the fees due right now! I'm so thankful for everyone who's given to help us fulfill this call.

To do for today:
Buy some groceries
Cell phone store- get international coverage, figure out why I can't text
Bank- wire final fees to Hopscotch
Other bank- order new money (Thanks Charissa for the tip)
Put up curtain rod and shelf in girls' room, put the window sill back on in the boys' room.
Get the car looked at
birth certificate for Caleb for insurance (I gave them his info last year, too)
Clean my house so I can find my camera
Get my glasses adjusted

I did take my video camera in to be looked at (I left it in the rain last summer and have been very sad ever since) so I should find out today what's wrong and if it can be fixed.
I also had enough points to order an iPod, so that should be coming in and I can fill that.

Ok, that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure I'll think of other things I should be doing...

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