Monday, June 7, 2010

No calls from the Secretary Of State, so our forms must have been in order. Looking forward to tracking their progress tomorrow.

Some good things must come to an end, and the goats have been fun. However, they are in a little pen in our back yard since we've had to keep them tucked up so they don't eat my roses and trample what garden has survived. (By the way, one of the watermelon plants just peaked through!) In their eagerness to get to the bottle, Catherine has been cut twice, and they just aren't being played with very much. So, looks like tomorrow is our last day. It's been fun, a great experience with responsibility and goat tending. The neighbor kids have had a chance to feed them, and today, my niece is spending the night and will get a chance to, as well. Thankfully, Dolly and Jefferson will go back to their original home and join 2 other goat friends. Since we're friends with the owners, we'll get to see them again, too. NOW Catherine is expressing sadness over them leaving and is wanting to take them for walks. Silly girl!

Samuel is at a friend's for a long anticipated sleep over while my niece is here. She and Catherine get a long so well, as do Samuel and his friend. It'll be fun to get them up for feeding the goats and swim lessons in the morning!

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