Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hit with the "lasts"

Today was our last time for a while together as a family at church, last trip to Whole Food, last time swimming at the Y. I've not been away from the kids for more than 4 days, but that's been several years. Never more than overnight with Caleb. Of course, I'll be returning, and of course, it'll be really exciting when we're back together, with our sweet Hannah. It's just looking at their faces, sharing silliness at the pool, hearing their voices, cuddles together....

Tomorrow starts VBS for Catherine and Day camp for Samuel. It'll be great to have less pulling on me so I can get things done, but I'll miss having them around.
One of the locals was killed while on duty in Afghanastan. They requested scouts be there to honor him. I'm so pleased Samuel will be able to take part in the program. I want them to understand the price paid for the freedoms we take for granted. How can you say thanks for something like that?
We're also going to have our family picture taken. It's a tradition before each child. Looking forward to the after...

A few little stories to share, because they're so cute.
We were driving to sculpting class last week, and I was telling the kids how I'd told people I wanted to spend the 4th NOT in America.
Samuel said, "Great. You can see how the Georgians celebrate."
I replied, "They don't celebrate the 4th."
Catherine, "Why not?"
Me, "They didn't sign the Declaration of Independence."
Samuel, "You could show them how we do it. Just take some fireworks with you."
Me, "I don't think they'll let us through customs."
Then we discussed how we could share with Hannah.

Caleb was "petting" Nikki, our cat. "The kitty needs some earrings."
Driving down the road, Caleb said, "Caleb goes to the potty and the trampoline. The end." Over and over.
"My friend Joe is my friend Joe."
Going to the Y to swim, he doesn't want to swim, "I walk on the water."

When we went to the Y today, I was sitting knitting Caleb's sweater sleeves. I'm trying to finish them up so I can have new projects for the plane and wait times while I'm gone. Catherine came over and took my flip flops, which Caleb calls flap flaps. She took off across the pool with them, and it turned into a game where the all had some good fun. Who needs pool toys?

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