Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So, we're coming down the the wire. Feeling good about what we're getting done, but still feeling so much to do...

Yesterday, I got all the pictures we've ever received of Hannah onto a cd, went to have them printed out so I could make an album for Hannah's foster mom, and 1/3 of them were usable. The rest were "pixle-ated" because they were emailed to me. If someone knows how to fix it, please let me know. I was so sad. For me, for Hannah, for her foster mom. Plus, it was pictures of Hannah and the people she's been around for so long. I was making an album for her to have with her as we travel- a combo of our family and her foster family. God knows, and it'll be just fine.

Went to Hobby Lobby to get my knitting needles for my projects, only to find they were not having the coupon I was wanting. My parents told me to get them anyway and they'd help me with the cost. I know it's silly, but I don't really have to have them, it was just a way to help spend my time, and I didn't want to spend the extra money. When I got to the register, I was talking to the ladies there and told them what I was doing. The cashier pulls out a 40% off coupon and let me use it! God is so good. He cares about these little things!

Finally have decent money to take with us. Still not perfect, but I'll be happy with it.

Got fabulous family pictures taken by one of my friends. So happy to have that off the list. Plus it's the first time it was not in a little studio. Nice to be outside, by beautiful scenery.
I've got an hour to make some bread, clean up the house, and pick up the kids. Oops! Just discovered I'm out of yeast. Next thought- clean and find the camera!


Christine W said...

If you want to email me one of the pixelated ones, I can tell you maybe what happened? Basically it comes down to size of the file. If it is less that 50K is size, it's too low resolution. The smaller you develop it the better it'll be. Email me if you'd like me to look at it. christinepwalters @

Alice said...

Great photos! I remember that frantic feeling. Isn't it funny how you wait and wait, and then you have to HURRY like crazy to get everything done. We actually left the day after Christmas. It was completely insane.

How wonderful about the knitting needles! They truly are important!!! I knitted all the way to Estonia. I also knitted there every day. When I was knitting, Andreas seemed to accept that I was busy and entertain himself.

I am so looking forward to seeing that precious little girl in your arms!!

Mary said...

Oops, just submitted a comment but I got an error message - let's try again!

I love the pics - Caleb's expression in the last one particularly cracks me up :-)

For Hannah's pics, is it possible that you accidentally printed the thumbnail versions from your computer? If the photos appeared to show up as regular size when they were originally sent, it's possible that your computer stored thumbnail versions in addition to the full size versions and that's what you printed.