Sunday, May 30, 2010

What a day!

We had such a busy day today! Through Buddy's schooling, he was able to help out a ministry in town. I remember watching TL Osburn when I was a little girl, and totally enjoying his genuine love for Jesus and how simply he portrayed the gospel. (Typing with a cat on my arm is making this very difficult) They have a church associated with he ministr adn we got to visit. Great service.
Immediately went to my parent's house for lunch, chatting while I knit. (I wore my sweater today! Wasn't 100% pleased, but it's done.) Then, it was off to watch Buddy graduate from VWMTC. What was the coolest, was walking his mom through getting online so she could watch it from NY! He still has to finish one quarter in the fall, but he spent the majority of the year with these people, going through some really big tasks together, and he directors suggested he do it. I'm thankful for his time there, thankful we get a break, thankful it won't take long in the fall to finish up.
Came home to feed the goats and get the kids fed and in bed. Samuel had a bloody nose and Catherine felt like she was going to throw up. All is well now, and I'm ready for a fun day together tomorrow.

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