Friday, May 14, 2010

We just transferred our little cocoons to their little habitat. We're so happy to see that 5 of the 5 actually are going to be butterflies! Enjoying life and the reminder of how God brings new life to us. Looking forward to seeing what they look like in a week. Funny thing was that one was hooked in the silk and we had to pull it off. It started shaking and moving it's "tail" and didn't stop for quite a while. That little caterpillar is probably swished and dead, but it has God's ability to ward off danger.
Next week, Buddy is going to a survival training. He will be gone for 5 days. When he comes home, we'll be really glad to see him, since we won't be able to talk to him the whole time he's gone. He'll be home for a good night's sleep and time with the family to turn around and go to Samuel's promotion camp out. What a good man!
While he's gone we're going to get some sweet little visitors. They won't be a permanent part of the family, but Jefferson and Dolly we're looking forward to our times together. We'll be sure to share when they're here!

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