Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We're still here! It's been brought to my attention that I haven't blogged in forever. Some days I think our lives are busy, but the details are really only fun for us. However, here are a few glimpses of the past 2 weeks.

We've had a little visitor in our yard every few days. The kids are getting a kick out of the return of the bunny.Now that our garden is coming up, I really hope he minds himself and only eats outside the border of the garden! We've seen a few carrots pop up, and are hopeful that one of the peppers will come up. Otherwise, with the watermelons and cukes taking a break from sprouting, we have a pretty empty garden.

We got to go to the Festival Israel in Tulsa, with only 20 minutes to spare before closing. We managed a dessert and a pony ride!

Since Buddy's been very occupied with school and work, I decided to take the kids to Branson last week. Knowing our travel is coming ever so close and that World Fest was ending at SDC, we loaded up on Thursday. However, we made some detours I've been wanting to, but hadn't really had time for when we've gone in the past. We stopped at The Prescious Moments Chapel for a bit, then at the Wilson's Creek Battlefield. Civil War was last year for us, so it was a bit rusty, but great to rekindle those things we'd learned. We were able to stay with our friends. I must say this was the best time the kids have probably had. Samuel and Danel spent hours riding bikes around the neighborhood, exploring all they could. Catherine and Denise always have fun together. This was the first that Caleb and Derek really played together. They spent every waking moment enjoying each other's company. First thing Caleb would ask when he woke us was, "Where's my friend?" and then there was the other one, "What my friend doing?" He was so sad to leave his friend. He really could've stayed at their house for much longer! Friday was a bit of a bummer for Samuel, because he had to ride rides by himself. I did manage to ride the Pirate ship with him, but in the middle of it, Caleb toppled over and started crying, which started Catherine crying. (She had had a bike wreck that morning and had scraped her shoulder and knee pretty badly.) We did get to see acts from Russia, Ecuador, Ireland, and see the Firey Fiddles. Catherine didn't want to ride much, but agreed to sitting in the Tea Cups without spinning. Samuel did enjoy riding the ship by himself way at the top.Anyway, Saturday, my mom and dad were there and we just cruised around the park, getting to ride Wildfire and Thunderation, see the Chinese acrobats, the family from Argentina, the group from Trinidad, and eat lunch with G'pa and G'ma.

We left and drove right home, all happy to be reunited with Daddy. Buddy was really sweet and took S & C out to shop for Mother's Day gifts for me. I was thankful to be able to sleep in and enjoy being with our family.
We had 2 birthday moments this past week, too. First, Buddy had his on Wednesday, thus the Thursday departure for Branson. Then Thursday, Hannah turned 5! At one time, we thought i might be possible to be with her for her day. However, we'll soon be there and it will be the last she'll be without her forever family for her birthday. We are just one piece of paper (which happens to be here in the US) for the attorney to be able to request our court date. This is working out well, since Buddy finishes school on the 21st, as does my mom, who will watch the kids while we're gone.
Looking forward to a great rest of the week, and being able to share good news soon.esr

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