Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Happy news! Our attorney has the information necessary to go to court to apply for our hearing! It seems there are a few steps to getting the date, but I'm still very pleased we are so far along. It's all progress, and it's coming so much more closely in times than it has for a long time. I'll be keeping you posted!
In the meantime, our happy little baby bunnies are surviving, how, we don't know, since we rarely see the mama. The butterflies are still having fun. Caleb has discovered how to pull a chair over to where they are so he can "touch" them through the netting. The goats continue doing well, drawing neighbor children, even the one who was being mean to Catherine. Still not sure what to do with her.
Buddy had a great time on his survival training, and was so sweet to take the kids on the scout camping trip. However, he gave me a call to tell me how nice it was at the campground, how nice it would be for me to join them. So, after I'd given Caleb a chance to sleep, finished weeding a section of a flower bed, fed the goats, and cleaned up, off we went to find them. We stayed for about 3 hours, then had to come home so I could feed the goats and get Caleb in bed. He did NOT enjoy leaving his bubba, sissy, or daddy, and cried a good portion of the way home. Silly me, I forgot his special blanket, which would've helped him fall asleep.
I think we've finished our real schooling for the year. However, I'm still going to do some school most days. We'll see how it goes, but I'm trusting good things for the summer.

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