Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Eventful day

We have had some baby bunnies in our back yard that we were enjoying watching. However, today one got out of their nest and somehow ended up several houses down. One baby was dead in the nest. Buddy decided the best place for them was at the neighbor's house, who has cages and experience with bunnies. Tragic is the word to describe it. Both S&C were in tears that the babies were gone. Thankfully, our neighbor said they can visit any time and if we get what we need to keep them, we can have them back. Hmmmm. I appreciate the offer, but I do believe it was better to have them occur naturally on our property than actually having to care for them!
One of the butterflies died. Saw it belly up on the bottom of their house. At least it lasted a week and a half and we still have 4 others. Waiting to see if those 2 that got stuck together lay any eggs.
Caleb has decided it's a fabulous deal to go on the potty! I'm telling you, it's been a great past 2 days. He's been dry during naps and has gone on the potty consistently. He even went at the Y when we went swimming. We went to the Urbans for a visit and he did both on their potty. Of course, it's all for candy, but at least it's happening. To think of the frustration I'd been feeling when I tried to get him to go in the past. The switch has flipped and I think we're on our way! Trusting it won't be a deal when we're gone.
The judge should be appointed for our case, by now. They have a few days to decide if all the documents are in order before they set the date. We're believing for favor and the right judge who will deal quickly with everything so we can get over and back and be reunited!
Everyone was in bed by 8:15 tonight except me. I cleaned out some emails and am off to clean floors.
Looking forward to a nice visit with my mom tomorrow and a date with Buddy tomorrow night!

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