Monday, August 3, 2009

We're still here. Just not much to post. It was a football weekend for the boys. Lots of playing catch in their spare time, while watching "Facing the Giants" and "Giants Among Men." It's pretty obvious they will be eating up flag football when it starts!
We've bee reading together over the summer and have enjoyed a few books you might like to read with your kids. Cabin at Trouble Creek, Abraham's Battle, Weaver's Daughter, and just now reading If You Please, President Lincoln. They are historical fiction set in the 1800's. Very interesting to see life from different angles. They have both enjoyed the stories, as have I and Buddy when he gets a chance to listen.
Tomorrow we head for OKC to get fingerprints updated. They expire on the 8th, so rather than let them expire and start the I-800 process (lots more money and time), we can make the 2 hour each way trip to get it done now. Fortunately, we have until December for our homestudy. It's all so amazing how the time has flown by!
Tonight and the next 2 nights I get to be tied to my computer while I "attend" a webinar to help with my tutoring this year. It's very informative and I'm sure it'll be a great thing to fall back on when I actually start tutoring. However, it's from 5-7:30! Couldn't have asked for a more challenging time. Thankfully, the kids were content to eat what I'd thrown together ahead of time and watch videos!
Great news is that I won't have to tutor either S or C and they can just be them. My other curriculm for math and language should be arriving the week and I can be set with that. Part of me wants to just get started and part knows the kids need time to be kids. Patience, as in other areas of my life, is key.

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