Thursday, August 6, 2009

How could you resist these eyes?

I'm not sure how long Dolly's been waiting, but she sure has caught my eye on more than one occassion. Honestly, while we've waited, I've been tempted to start the process with her. She happens to be in the country right next to Hannah's.
A few Sundays ago, our Pastor read from Isaiah 58. One of the verses says the fast God has chosen "is it not to divide your bread with the hungry and bring the homeless poor into your house..." I'm pretty sure Dolly qualifies.
One of the things that stops so many people from adopting is the cost. You may not be ready to adopt or feel you are called to at all. However, you can help someone else give this special girl love and care to help her grow to her full potential. I'm so plesed that since I started to write this post a few weeks ago her grant fund has gone from $55 to $595!
Here's her information.

Dolly Girl, Born September 11, 2007
Beautiful, doe-eyed Dolly! Dolly was born with Spina Bifida. She was operated on without complications. Her Spina Bifida is not severe. She has some movement in her legs. Otherwise from birth she is a healthy child. Present condition: At almost two years, she is developing very well. She smiles, plays, reacts normally. She takes milk and puree food. She attends the orthopedic clinic for regular assessment. She wears orthopedic braces forher legs, but the doctor hopes she will not always need them. Orphan care in this country is VERY good. These children are well loved and well cared for and fed. You can see it in their faces. And this country has recently offered to drastically reduce it's initial country fees for these children! Full medical info and social history available prior to commitment! Contact Waiting Child for more information I have $595 in my grant fund towards the cost of my adoption!
You can donate tax deductably by going to
this link and specifying funds go to Dolly.


Kerry Shealy said...

Dolly is one of my favorites, too!

Molly C said...

Oh dolly, I love her. If I was old enough to adopt I'd start the process today! someone needs to go get her!

Anonymous said...

Are you hoping to adopt them both? How much does it cost to adopt from her country?

Delahne said...

We're not going to adopt both. I believe God placed her on my heart to advocate and pray for her forever family. I'm really hopeful she'll have a change in status soon!