Friday, August 21, 2009

Field trip fun

Today we got to go on our field trip. It was a beautiful day which we all enjoyed. It was great to hear from Catherine's tutor that she talked a lot while they were doing their nature walk. You could see the friendships being formed already. Caleb even got to go with his teacher and gathered some treasures. He managed to sneak 2 sugar cookies during snack time! As you can see, he was in the thick of things and enjoying every minute. Samuel is obviously digging being with so many boys his age. They have code names in his class. He is Sargeant Samuel.

Here's a funny on me. I had 5 of my students there today and as we walked around a scum covered pond, I was reminded of Hank the Cow Dog. So I started telling them about it. Behind me was another mom who pointed out the wonders of some sand stone and that I should share that with the kids. Oops! I guess I need to raise my level of sharing with them!


Charissa said...

ha ha. Hank The Cow Dog. Funny. Is that where we took our Lewis and Clark fieldtrip?

amy said...

Great pics..Looks like everyone had a good time!

Delahne said...

This is behind the Gilcrease. Remember, Charissa how it never worked out to go on their free day? Well, behind it is the park and it's free everyday. We should go back sometime.