Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We were all set for a play date this morning, got to the park, thought we could endure a few sprinkles. However, no phone call and no showing up, and no answer to my phone call. So after waiting 20 minutes we left. Thankfully, one of Samuel's friends wanted to play this am, but our previous arrangement didn't make it possible. After our waiting, I called and we got to go play/visit. It was a very nice time and I'm reminded of my need to just get away from my house, have some adult conversation and enjoy my friends! Thankfully, I'll get to be with adults, if not talking, during our Monday class time.
I was able to put 2 lasagna's in the freezer today. Catherine helped me make an assembly line to make our dinner tonight and 2 nights in the future. She really does enjoy helping me make thing, not so much clean up the mess after! That will come.
We also got our craft/extra school paper/play dough toys/ catch all cupboard sorted out. There are a bunch of things to take to the CC community to use and to share with my new HS'ing friend. Things, too to take to book benevolence. I believe this is the last "have to" organizational thing I need to do before school starts. I'm ready for a movie!

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