Tuesday, August 11, 2009

this and that

The promised Blue Bird picture. She has some blue feathers in her bun, which flopped around while she did her little dance.
I wish I had great, exciting news to share, but I don't. I do know that some meeting is supposed to happen today.
We had a full weekend with the ballet and meeting with our homeschool community. I've been working on getting myself ready with tutoring materials. Today, we sorted through shoes to see what fits, I went through last school year's "treasures" and tucked quite a few in places which will never be discovered! Got our big catch all closet thinned out, too.

We don't have a nice stereo, just little cd players and the dvd player. I need all the counterspace I have and prefer to keep it as uncluttered as possible with things since (most often,) there is a pile or 2 of papers that just creap up on me! What I really wanted was an undermount stereo so we could listen to things while we worked- our memory work, classical music, Bible teachings, and just music while I'm working in that area. We had a credit card we'd paid off that had some points on it- just a few less than an undermount stereo. A few months ago, we switched back to using this card for business expenses and ta-da! we now have enough points for the stereo! I ordered it last week and today it arrived. I got out the drill, used the template for the holes, and hand screwed 4" screws through the cabinet and into the stereo (the drill was too big to use inside the shelves.) Great sense of accomplishment as I listen to beautiful music, but my hands say I should have let Buddy do it! Very thankful for that blessing.

Tomorrow we're headed to watch Open Season for $1 each. Book benevolence Saturday, possible homeschool co-op get together Friday. Monday, meet to put together homeschool folders for the older kids, next Tuesday a scavenger hunt to meet the students and them find out who their tutor is. We need to take some time as a family to go away before school starts on the 24th, so we'll see where we can squeeze that in.

What I'm really hopeful for is a play date for both older ones at the same time, which will include Caleb's nap time, so I can have undisturbed time for me to escape into a book or clean/organize as it strikes me! We shall see...
I have to tell a few stories about Caleb. "Dop" is one of his frequent words. As we were playing our instruments together, he kept saying that to us. As he was eating breakfast yesterday, he put his hand on his chest and said, "Oh my goodness" just as playing as can be. Everything is "um" and "OH!" Lots of fun. Having little success on the potty. Yesterday he took care of both duties in the a.m., then 2 accidents before 10 a.m. Today, nothing on the potty and 2 accidents. Maybe I should wait, but it sure would be nice to have all the stinkies in the potty instead of in his pants!

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Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Oh my goodness! Isn't getting ready for the new school year a blast? :) I know in my home getting regrouped for the new school year always seems such a task, but oh so worth it in the end. Your little lady looks beautiful! I love her picture, thanks for sharing it :) Praying for our little one's, and hoping the Lord brings them home soon.