Monday, June 23, 2008

Swim lessons for 4

This morning we started swim lessons for 3 kids. That means I had to find a swim suit to be presentable in the pool with Caleb. Caleb had a blast after he got used to the cold water. We made it about 30 mins and his lips were getting a bit purple, so out we went. Catherine and Samuel seemed to be fine, although with all of us in the water at the same time, I don't get to watch them. I'll have to sneak pics right when C & I get out of the pool.

I meant to tell youabout a new thing Caleb did on Staurday. After we got cleaned up from the sale we went to return tables, do a business errand for me, ate dinner at Whole Foods and stopped at the home of a couple Buddy did work for. They are a sweet couple who have a mutual admiration society with Buddy! They think he's the best and he thinks the same of them. Caleb was great entertainment and for the first time pulled his knees up under him while he was working to get Buddy's sunglasses! He is 9 months, but all his entertainment comes to him, so there's no motivation to go get anything. I've been working with him to get used to the feeling since his appt. last week and it's catching on! Look out Legos! He's surely going to find all the little ones Samuel leaves around.

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