Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Update

This past fall, one of our friends blessed Samuel with a Game Cube. Boy, was he excited. We set up the rules for earning time on the GC. However, it is such a nice entertainer when I needed to be doing things with Caleb, when we had an ice storm and were home for 1 week, then were home for 2 more weeks at Christmas. We started noticing some attitude issues and respect issues, so we put it away for over a month. Interestingly, "yes ma'am" and sweeter attitudes returned! We played some games together and the kids enjoyed each other more. Well, with all the adoption and tax things I've been trying to do (not to mention all the great adoption blogs I've been reading) I was ready to have Samuel busy with something else. So, Friday after we set the rules (a little tighter this time) it came back out. Boy howdy, did he get after his reading! He did pretty well until Sunday, so when we reminded him of how easily it could be taken away, he really responded well.

Buddy got a little project done on the house, so that makes me feel better. Hannah is such great inspiration to get those long needed projects taken care of! I intended to get a lot of tax stuff done and did about 1/50th of what I should have done. Part of that was due to Caleb crying at each naptime until I help him. So EVERY nap was a holding nap yesterday.

We went to my parents for dinner on Saturday and got to tell my brother and sister-in-law. It's always so fun to tell the story. Mark was a little hard to read, but Michele was excited for us. Mom and dad got us a porcelein figure of a family of 6 (wow, that sounds strange) 2 girls and 2 boys, the smallest a baby boy and then a little girl who has perfectly straight legs and feet, which is what we know will happen for Hannah. It made me cry. Catherine was watching me and asked- "are those happy tears?" She was quite relieved when I said yes.

Happy news on the sleeping front. Caleb has been going 10 hours for the past few nights. I'm not sure which is more exciting- the fact that he's going until 6 am or that I get to get a little more sleep before I have to get up! Yes, to me, getting up before 7 am is WAY too early. I have to pump before I get the kids ready for school and pump before I go to bed. It's fun watching the milk pile up. I'm looking forward to not having any room in the freezer because it's stocked with enough milk to last Caleb while we're gone. It was at over a year of age for both S & C before I quit nursing, so I'm looking at options of what to do while we're gone. He'll still have a few months left before he's one and I really don't like the idea of formula, thus the "milk factory" as Buddy calls me.

I was fully anticipating an email with all sorts of templates to begin our dossier. However, it's a holiday today! No mail means our app. hasn't gotten to Hopscotch, our birth certificates and passports have been sitten for another day, we can't notarize our request for criminal background checks, and we have to wait on starting our education requirements.

Good news is that email takes no holidays and we were able get see new pictures and video of Hannah. I haven't gotten to the point of doing anything except typing, which means I don't know how to add pictures. As soon as I do and find out it's ok, I'll put pictures of our family and of Hannah. As I was looking at her pictures this morning, I thought, girls are girls- every picture was a different outfit and hairstyle! Boy, will those 2 princesses have fun!

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Charissa said...

Oh Delahne, the porcelain figure has me in tears too! How special! You will be surprised how many tears you will shed during this process. Hey! You're blogging! Good job! Thanks for sharing it. I'm so excited!!