Saturday, February 23, 2008

A BIG check off the to do list

Today was a big day at the Wright house. We had our first home study meeting! Melinda is a really sweet lady with experience of her own- she adopted from China. Catherine slept through and then partied through most of it. The princess birthday party was much more exciting for her than to listen to mommy and daddy telling about the hobbies they've long ago given up! Samuel did pretty well, although he was REALLY wanting someone to come and play with him. The next is in 2 weeks and hopefully we'll have a lot accomplished by that time.

We've begun our education. A lot to think about and learn, so it's good we're getting some more info to better deal with the adjustments and how to make life easier/better for Hannah. Funny how the culture dealt with is 4 colors and nothing with Eastern Europe. I've never really paid attention to ROG music, art, greeting cards or movies. I'm hopeful we can get some music and momentos when we're there to help her celebrate her birth country.

My passport came in the mail today and we're hopeful Buddy's will come Monday, so I think we can get serious about our I-600 A form and get that under way. It's amazing how many checks they have to do on you!

My Grandma passed away this morning and I won't be able to go to her funeral. It'll be such a great time to celebrate her life and to be with family you don't get to see very often, especially since we're so far out of state. I so wish she could have been part of the celebration of Hannah coming into our family. We'll just have to wait a while to do that. I know she'll be cheering us on as we do, though.


WheresMyAngels said...

So sorry for your loss and sorry you didn't get to make it to her funeral!

Charissa said...

Oh Delahne. How sad about your Grandma. Sounds like you knew it was coming and were able to say your good-byes. Glad the home study went well.

Kristi said...

Finally - I'm logged in. Now I can write and totally fill up your blog! So sorry about your grandma but we know she is rejoicing in heaven today. I'm really enjoying your blog.