Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring is definitely in the air around here. Things are greening up, including the weeds, sadly, and our red bud is blooming. We found some garlic cloves sprouting when we were going to make hummus. What is there to do but plant them! From there, it was only a small step to hitting Walmart for some sees and peat pots, which we've never done. I do believe this is the earliest we've started doing any gardening, so I'm hopeful THIS year will be the best yet. We bought green onion, peas, beefsteak tomatoes, broccoli, and cucumbers. We also kept some seeds from 2 kinds of apples and planted them as well. So far, it's just some condensation on the lid, but I'm looking forward to seeing some sprouts. Interestingly, we found a watermelon plant coming up from last year's seed while we were weeding this week. Sadly, I found it AFTER I pulled it. I quickly tucked it back in, so I'm hopeful it may survive.

We also took advantage of the weather to meet the Urbans at the park for a play date. What fun to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air with friends. I think we need to do that much more often!

Samuel went off to his first Boy Scout camping trip yesterday. He was excited, and I was not sure what to think. First time he was on his own- no parents are needed because the boys are on their way to becoming responsible men and have the opportunity to practice it more each time they go out. Of course, the scout leaders are there, and some parents do go for the fun of it. When I got up this morning and saw 44 degrees, my first thought was about whether he'd packed well enough to be warm. I do believe he has enough layers to be just fine. (I think I started packing winter things away too soon.)

A few weeks ago, we had Hannah evaluated for school. Next Tuesday morning is the parent meeting with all the therapists, counselor, and nurse. It's kind of funny to think about the meeting, because H has already gone beyond what she was doing when I first spoke with the Speech Pathologist. One thing we need to take care of is an eye appointment. When we first visited the Dr, we weren't really able to assess her vision in the office, but it appeared not to be a problem. However, when we had some follow up with the school nurse, her far vision testing was really all over the place. She could identify the shapes close up, but when it was far away, she was touching shapes some shapes appropriately and some not even close to what she should have touched. Monday we'll get that taken care of. Amazing to think they can tell without verbal responses what some one's vision is!

For all these months when we'd put her in class at church, we put her with Caleb. She knows him, they play together all the time, and it was more her developmental level. Her vocab is increasing and she's done really well in the 3's. This Sunday, I'm going to try her in the 4's to see how she does. She's not rowdy at all, follows instructions, and likes to be with other kids, so I think she'll be fine. (It'll be interesting to see what Caleb does.) It's amazing to think she'll be 6 in 6 weeks!

Last night was a fun Mothers' Night Out with our CC group. So nice to get out without having an errand to do and just enjoy being an adult! It may be I'm the only one who feels like that, but I'm quite comfortable admitting I need it and need to do it more. I'm glad we have a great community that does things like this and helps keep in mind what our goals of home educating are and that none of us is Super Woman, but God's leading us and helping us along our path. It's going to be good when we look back and see what He's done and where He's brought us.

Off to enjoy our Saturday. Have a great weekend!

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Tamara's Mommy said...

Hi Delahne
Wow.. you're all doing beautifully. Hannah is amazing. I can't believe she's almost six.. but then I'm still trying to wrap my brain around Tamara being six and her Birthday was in January. lol.
I think you'll be amazed at how quickly the children catch up once they're receiving the proper therapies. Mine is in kindergarten and she amazed me the other day when I came home and was handed a note. " Mommy I miss you. Mommy I love you. Tamara... Last Name" It's enough to melt a mother's heart and keep her from going out again. But we must to retain our sense of self and sanity. But you know that. You've been down this road before. ;o)
Keep up the great work. And please continue to update us. We may not always comment but we're out here routing for you.
Huge Hugs!!!
Lee and little "T"