Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's not even 8 pm and all is quiet! I'm looking forward to watching Chopped All Stars and cutting things out for my class tomorrow. The kids had a fun weekend with the grandparents- Samuel went with his cousin and Grandpa to the hunting land and did boy things I'm sure he would never do if I was there, and I'm so glad he can. The younger 3 went to Grandma's house to hang out and get spoiled for a few days. I went to a friends house and spent 2 nights having fun, relaxing, talking homeschool, going along for the ride with what their family was doing. It was fun for all the Wrights!
A couple of things I got from being their were: homeschool ideas, what a family of 6 looks like to an observer, and allowing the grace of God get you through daily challenges. They come to everyone, and the bigger the family, the more. But God's grace! (I like those 1st 2 words- but God. What would/ could life be like- but God in His infinite love and mercy...) Probably noone else in the whole world could relate, but there are times I forget to lean on Him and trust Him to be. Be what? My everything. And the cool thing is, He's not ticked at me when I do. In fact, I'm sure He's up there saying, "Delahne, I love you! You can trust me to carry it for you, to give you the wisdom you need, etc." Good reminders of that throughout the weekend.
It was great to see the kids again, to be home, to look forward to walking this week out with my eyes in the right direction.

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