Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's official- Samuel is a Boy Scout! Tonight was his Arrow of Light ceremony, where he crosses from being a Cub Scout to another leg of the journey to manhood. That was a tearful thougth for me. How can this be happening? He's only 11! One of his accomplishments was earning all 20 merit badges during his time as a Webelo, which is pretty rare. It was down to the wire, but we got it done! He looks so serious in all his pictures...When the ceremony began, the Scouts were each called out and 4 "warrior" were sent to "bring me this brave." (My camera was acting up when S was taken.)They were stripped of all their Cub Scout symbols and asked if they accepted the challenge of the arrow. Some of the boys were a good 6 inches shorter than S, and appeared a bit intimidated! When they accepted, they got some face paint.They had to say they had done their best when holding this arrow, representing their past, and pledge to do their best in the future- holding the peace pipe.Still very serious standing in front of the Chief.Then they took a walk over a bridge, saying good bye to their former Cub Masters first, and stepping over to their new Scout Master. Then the received their new Scout neckerchief and shoulder thingies. Samuel was so pleased! It was the best, longest smile I've seen on him in a long time.Saying the Scout Oath with some of his new Troop's members and leaders.In the words of Larry the Cucumber- "I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob."
We're off to the races with a campout this weekend! Let the fun begin!

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