Monday, February 28, 2011

To say this has been a tough past 2 weeks is just being truthful. Not getting much sleep, taking care of the kids while they took turns throwing up (Samuel got sick again Saturday night, which I think was dehydration related), trying to keep up with school and therapy appointments, took a toll on me. I'm thankful for my mom and dad taking the little kids for a few days to let me sleep through the night, get some things done, and relax a bit.

It was odd not having 2 little ones around. We keep missing them and the silly things they would say and do at certain times. However, it was a lot quieter, there were a lot less interruptions, and we got some projects done in our school room we probably couldn't have. We put down the carpet moved in the desks, put up our big world map, brought in a book shelf, and planned what we'll do next. It really gave them a boost in looking forward to doing school. They're so excited to have their space and to see how quickly we could finish IF we stay focused. Hoping this will last...

We were gone a long time today, which would've been rough on C&H, so it was good they could rest at grandma's house. When we came home, we found little Frenzy not breathing. We'd noticed that he didn't look very good, wasn't eating very much, color wasn't so good, and just not much activity for the past -maybe week. Honestly, I think we didn't notice too much while everyone was sick. So, today was pretty sad for Samuel. He found Frenzy on a scouting trip in September and kept him alive so much longer than we thought he would. We did the appropriate burial, with last words, putting the dirt back on him, the marker and rocks. According to samuel it was the worst thing that's happened. Thankfully, the tears didn't last too long, and he was quickly on to what kind of lizzard he was going to get next. I think this was our first pet death. Wish we knew what happened to pets after they died. I'd like to be able to tell them we'd see them in heaven. We will know one day, and I guess for now we don't need to know for sure.

Looking forward to a great week. Hope yours is blessed!

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Anonymous said...

I am so sorry about little Frenzy - it's always hard to lose a friend. There are several websites which contain the legend of the Rainbow Bridge, which concerns what happens to our animal friends after they leave this world. Several have weekly online candle-lighting ceremonies, too, where the memories of beloved animal companions can be honored. I don't have these sites bookmarked, but they can be found with a simple search and may be some comfort to your family.

In reference to the question of whether or not animals go to heaven, there's a mention of horses in the book of Revelation! I'm not a fundamentalist, but still find that very reassuring.

Best wishes,
Susan in Ky
Cousin to Two from U. (and an RR supporter)