Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby, it was cold outside! This morning when I took S&C to the dentist, and H to therapy, my car thermometer read 2*! Haven't seen anything like that for quite a while, which hasn't bothered me in the least! We have our first required filling. Interesting to note when molars are formed, they don't always join properly, leaving a tiny hole for bacteria to camp out in. That was the issue with S. He's pretty disappointed. At least it'll be white.

We're planning a quick trip to Branson for a special service at the church we attend when we're there. To help smooth things out, I started laundry today. Great idea, except the washer had some funking display when I tried to run it. I followed the directions in the handbook and made sure there was nothing kinked, and all the hoses were in place. I started it again and went off to do more school with the kids. When I went into the kitchen, I noticed some water on the floor in the laundry area! Oh, dear, it went into the garage, into a storage closet, and was under the washer. I called a friend who lives close by to help, but he wasn't available. On I went with my day. Nothing I could do about it. Not long after that, here comes my friend's wife to help me out. Funny thing was, we couldn't find a flashlight that A) had batteries, or B) had all its parts, or C) worked when you cranked it. We needed to look under the thing we made to raise the w & d and give us storage. We ended up using Samuel's Lego key chain! (Guess what's on my list for my next Walmart run?) No solution has been reached today, but when I talked to my dad, he thought it was a frozen place in the pipes that drain the washer. Who knew that that "leave faucets dripping" sign was for houses and not just for apartments? I know now. Thankfully, we hadn't put the carpet down in our school room, which is on the other side of the wall from the washer. Plumbing first, then carpet.

For dinner, after all this snow and cold and being stuck inside, I decided to make a soup out of left over veggies we'd surely end up wasting. At first I could hear the turned up noses in their voices when they saw it. However, not too many bites later, Samuel jumped up and got a recipe card so I could write it down. I must say it was pretty tasty. It was left overs, so there were no amounts measures, just pieces used. Potatoes, celery, carrots, onions, tomatoes, yellow pepper, and brown rice. I used a vegetarian bouillion cube and some salt and pepper for seasoning. Cooked it for about an hour, and served it with flakey wheat biscuits. Sadly, in Catherine's rush to help me out cleaning the kitchen, the lid on the container didn't quite get closed, and a large part of our soup ended up on the counter. We still have some left, and I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow.

Looking forward to some warmer weather next week!

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