Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This past week has been rough! We went for our quick overnighter to Branson, came back to quickly take care of things and get ready for our CC day. Then, Monday night, Catherine came out and told me she wasn't feeling well. Not too long after that, she started throwing up. Sadly, I was so tired, and she was so quiet, that I only woke with her a few times to help her out. The next day, she was a little slow, but doing better.

That evening, Caleb got up on the couter and into our, thankfully, pretty empty cabinet where we keep vitamins and medicine. He got into my folic acid, taking an unknown amount. Quick call to the poison control center, whose number I at first, sadly had incorrectly and got a very bad place. No harm, give him water and he may have a tummy ache. He was fine. The next night he woke up crying from his legs hurting him terribly. Everything was fine the next day.

Then on Friday night, Samuel starting throwing up just as I was going to bed. He, unlike C, was not so quiet about his need to have me right there with him everytime! Finally, he was done, and Caleb started in. All night long was one then the other. Both boys were perky the next day. I did wonder at first about Samuel being sick because he ate a huge meal, then ran all over the place and jumped on the trampoline. However, when C started, I knew it was some bug. Hannah seemed just fine, and I was quite relieved.
There is a lot on my plate right now including getting taxes together, getting ready for Samuel's Blue and Gold Banquet for Scouts, which meant he had to finish up all his requirements for his 20th badge. We went to a pool and completed his swimming test on Sunday, while the others got in the pool and played, too. Hannah got a little water in her face, but did ok.

We were all ready for bed when it was time. However, shortly after I went to bed, in comes C informing me H was throwing up. Shoot! We didn't dodge it with her. Mom to the rescue! We had CC yesterday, and with me tutoring and 3 kids well, I needed to go. Mom stayed with her while we went to school. I ended up taking C home so he could nap as well. Bless her, she stayed while I took a nap.

Today, everyone is back to normal, as evidenced by the noise level and the amount of bickering going on. I should count that as a good thing? If only I could feel caught up on my sleep!

Dad brought a big cabinet with shelves, so we can start our reorganization! School stuff in the school room, house stuff in the house. However, we have to wait until we get home from therapy and errands to really get into it. Looking forward seeing what progress we can make.

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