Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're having so much fun with this warmer weather! Not that we didn't enjoy the snow and all, but it's nice to wear a t-shirt and have a snow ball fight. The snow is almost completely gone and our back yard is a mud pit in some areas, which is just fine with a certain 3 year old boy! He has been busy making tea for us, using whatever he can find to stir the snow into the muddy water. I seem to be missing several wooden spoons, but the stalk of a sunflower works, too.
Today we had races and games of tag in the back yard. Hannah doesn't quite understand the whole game idea, but she did run around some. At first she wasn't happy about going outside and cried when told to get her shoes so she could go outside, but after some convincing, she had a great time. Both she and Caleb came in with a lot of mud on them. Sadly, so does my carpet. The door was open for a good chunk of time and the requests for taking off shoes was a little too much. We ended up taking a walk and having a late-for-us dinner, since it was so fun to be outside.
We are doing a fun Bible curriculum that has object lessons along with it. I'm not much of an object lesson kind of person because it takes me out of my routine, which I happen to like! Anyway, they've been pretty fun. One day we all had parts to read in a play. Today we make cupcakes with a piece of chocolate hidden in the middle. The point was that by following directions/God's plan for us we would be able to enjoy the good things He has for us, but if we don't follow, it just won't turn out right. We all enjoyed this quite a bit. I thank God He loves us enough to speak just the right way so we can follow Him. Step by step, it'll get clearer and clearer.
Since we have friends helping us on our project, it's coming as the weekends come around. We do have the padding down, and await the carpet install, which should happen this weekend! Then we can begin moving things out, which will help us know what we need to reorganize in the rest of the house. Looking forward to that.
I've also had to get serious about doing our taxes. Part of it is done, but the tedious part is left. Having a busines of your own has benefits, but this time of year, it's not as evident. Soon it will all be over. Which means I have to stop watching Food Network! Sadly, and I knew it would, having u-verse for a trial messes up my evenings! I should be accomplishing things and end up wanting to see what the next great creation is, or who is sent home. Terrible. Self control has started to kick in, and we've started watching an episode of Little House on the Prairie before bed. Brings back some good memories of our black and white t.v. that only got 1 channel, with our very limited amount of viewing each day. Didn't hurt me a bit! Ok, off to accomplish some more tax work...

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