Saturday, March 20, 2010

We're back early from our fabulous trip to Branson. It really was a great trip. 5 kids, 3 adults in a 2 bedroom cottage. We spent 7 hours at SDC and headed home for dinner and church for me. The kids behaved well, we got some sleep, we enjoyed spending time together, and I got to have a nice long, unexpected visit with a dear friend. God is so good! I'm so thankful mom and dad were willing to switch their plans so we could have these great days.

We had to head out after hearing of the winter storm headed our way. We worked like a team getting the very full fridge (expecting another full day of meals) and all the necessities of a big group going 3 different directions. One the way home, we got the best surprise of all-Buddy called us! That's the first we've heard since he left and it was a thrill for everyone. Caleb was being his silly self, most of which would've been difficult for someone on a cell phone is another country to understand. I did and it was very sweet to hear him talking to his daddy. Samuel got to share the news that he went on the Wildfire ride 9 times! That was a first for him and he was so pleased with himself for doing it. Now he's ready for the daddy roller coaster! It'll be a lot of fun for he and Buddy next time we go.

Home we came to snow and sleet while we drove. I was so thankful we left when we did. Had we not, we could've ended up in a ditch or stuck in Branson for several more days. While we really enjoy our time there, our Buddy is coming home Monday night and we don't want anything in the way of meeting him!

The wind is howling and I feel some shaking. Off to bed for a lovely, long night's sleep!

By the way, our visa for Hannah is waiting in the embassy! Not long now!

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