Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kid swap

Catherine is off and excited to be with her cousins and grandparents! Samuel got home tonight and talked non-stop, basically from the time we picked him up until he went to bed. So many stories, some of which made me wish I could've been there to tell some children what to do with themselves. Bite the tongue and know this is part of growing up. I just don't remember kids telling me they were going to break my finger if I didn't buy them something at the concession stand, hitting me and saying unkind things to me. Other than that, he had a great time. Ready for bed and wanting to hear all about our time without him. It was so sweet to see how excited Caleb was to see him! Normally, Samuel is the one asking for hugs and kisses, and tonight it was Caleb asking and willingly giving them.
Off to do some packing so we can leave when the boys are up. Branson, here we come!

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