Sunday, March 14, 2010

Today was busy! We got Buddy off at dark:30 for the Dominican Republic. Man! Early start on top of DST was a bit rough, but we did it. I had intended to take him to the airport so I didn't have to find anyone to go with me. Glad I had a change of mind, because the kids slept an hour past when we would've had to leave. Then church, home for lunch, to the airport to get his truck, home for a non-naptime for Caleb, back to Tulsa for a fun dinner and some snacks at Whole Foods before we were off to drop Samuel at the church for his camp. Back home for a quick bath and bed for Caleb, then some good girl time for C and I.

I must admit that I was a bit teary today thinking about the boys being gone. As much as I crave peace and time to myself, I love them all so much and am thankful for the gifts they are to me, I miss them. I know that both Buddy's trip and Samuel's camp will be life changing for them and those they share Jesus with. I'm looking forward to the day we can go together.

It's great C & I get some special time together. We talked about sleeping together tomorrow and she was pretty excited. Although these rollers may prove sleeping to be a bit challenging and I may have to take the offer back :) I had gotten Catherine some pink foam curlers and we'd done her hair yesterday. It looked so cute! (Buddy took the camera to the Dominican Republic so you'll just have to trust me on this.) I told her I'd get some myself and we'd do our hair together tonight and have curls for CC tomorrow. We got in our jammies and did just that. I'm so thankful I don't know how to get my pics from the phone to the computer. It's a truly hilarious sight! Good thing Buddy's not here. Picture this- huge rollers in my hair, the mouth piece I should be wearing to help me not clench my jaw, and my one ear plug! It makes me laugh as I type this.

Taxes are tomorrow, and I think I'm all ready, so it's off to knit for a few minutes before I hit the hay.
Have a great week!

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Charissa said...

I WISH I could see that! :)