Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's a beautiful day today! The sun's not really shining, but it's warm and a breeze is blowing. I've got one loaf of bread in the oven and one rising (trying 2 different techniques), the washer and dryer are busy, the windows on my front and back doors are clean, I got 6 rows of my sweater done, (which I'm going to have to rip out since I haven't figured out how to adjust the pattern for my size) the kids are outside playing, and God has provided a lot of work for Buddy right now. I'm feeling the itch to plant some things! Thursday and Friday, S&C helped me work in the yard. Hope to keep that up. The smell of dirt is sooo nice!
It will be fabulous to have Hannah here enjoying days like today. Until then, we know God is watching over her, sheltering her, and preparing her for the changes soon to come.
Days like this, it's hard not to smile, or to get involved in too serious a project!


Mary said...

The weather was beautiful here in MA too! Whenever Spring comes, I too feel the urge to plant vegetables and bake bread :-)

Alice said...

Just stopped by your blog to check on where you are at. I am glad you are having such fun knitting! I am a knitter, too. Hope you figure out how to adjust the pattern. Maybe I could help? I am still praying for your family. I sure hope you get to bring Hannah home soon. I had fun catching up on your blog. I am a homeschooling/knitting/gardening mom, too.:)