Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Moving day is coming!

Finally, after all the trips to Branson, all the times staying in someone else's house, packing things back and forth- we found a house! It's a rent house that will suit us just fine while we go back and forth. There are so many great things about it that I could go on and on. But for less than the cost of a week in a hotel, we have a cute cottage in the woods, kind of. It's on 108 acres that include 8 horses we can spend time with. I'm so excited for the kids to be able to explore the outdoors without the concerns of traffic or them being too far out of sight. We have a 1/2 mile driveway that's paved to ride bikes and scooters. Lots of trees to climb. A rope in place for a swing. The stove is gas, which I've wanted for a long time. It has 3 bedrooms, so we'll have room for everyone. We've been packing in a leisurely fashion for about 2 months, but now it's time to start in earnest. Mom came over to help today, which was fabulous. My grandma is in assisted living, so she has no need of things at her house. Last fall when we went, we were able to get some fabulous treasures. One was the contents of her utensil drawer. Perfect for our new little house.
God has been in this all the way. It was so easy finding it, the price is fabulous, the placement is 1/2 way between Branson and Springfield. The things we need to make it homey we've either had enough to have some here and some there, we've gotten at really good price, or been blessed with. I'm so thankful for His leading in all this. The facts that we have a church family there, great friends, my parents have land not too far away, and that we've had that as a desire for several years make this a very special thing.
I tell you what, packing after living in one house for over 12 years with 4 kids, all kinds of pets, and grat memories is challenging. We will be there about 1/2 time, coming back for therapy and times with family. Buddy still has a lot of work here, so we'll be commuting both ways. With his busy schedule, we don't see him very often most of the time. It'll be nice for him to have a place to get away to all the work of getting away. I'm looking forward to sitting on the front porch, listening to the crickets chirping, looking at the stars, smelling the horse smells, and enjoying it all with my family.
Another nice thing is that we'll be back and able to spend time with friends when we're back here. Plus our Sunday School class is here! We'll figure it all out
So, if you're in the neighborhood, here or there, we'd like to get together! (Cammie, that means we won't be running in and out so fast that we won't be able to coordinate meeting!)
Better get back to packing!
If you're handy on Thursday evening, come on over for a load-the-trailer party!


Cammie Heflin said...

Woo hoo!!!! You mean I can actually meet Hannah??? Yeah!

Leslie said...

I was just thinking yesterday that it is probably about time. I'll be praying for you all and know we will see you again soon.

Charissa said...

I hope we can come visit you. What a great place!

Tamara's Mommy said...

Your new place sounds wonderful. I'm sure no matter where you are planted.. you will all bloom.
Looking forward to seeing pictures once you're settled.
I am little jealous of Cammie for living close enough to be able to meet Hannah. Someday... someday we'll have to get our girls together. Best of luck with your move. ;o)