Thursday, May 19, 2011

From the birthday party- C had his face so close to his plate so nothing would fall off his fork. H picked up the plate and licked it to make sure she didn't miss anything!

Lots happening around the Wright house.

Found a baby bird under the car yesterday, so did the dog. It got away and made it into the garage. Catherine made a little box for it, complete with a lamp and a towel. We asked in Petsmart how to care for a baby bird, looked it up online, and came up with sugar water. It was so cute to see it open its mouth and take those drops in! Samuel named him Pico, and he was a constant distraction from anything they (mostly C) was supposed to do. She spent a lot of her free moments out there looking at him, holding him, etc. We had to run around a lot today, and he wasn't looking so swift before we left. You guessed it, he was gone by the time we got home. C was heart broken and cried and cried. It didn't help that we're finishing up Where the Red Fern Grows. (Can you believe I'm 40 and just now reading it?) We were both mild basket cases while we read aloud to each other this morning. Not a great combination to have to deal with in one day. If only I could have eaten worms and thrown them back up to feed it... Thankfully, we have a bird feeder that we can fill to attract more birds. We just won't be holding them and caring for them like we did Pico.

The plan was to finish reading the book and watch the movie tomorrow night. Now I'm wondering....

C had her end of the year recital on Tuesday. It was really amazing to see these dancers'

progress! She came a long way this year, even since November, the last time I got to observe in class. They had some of the older dancers performing, as well. It's so beautiful to see them on pointe! Amazing to think that will be her in just a few years! Now we have a little break from dance running. Her teacher is leaving, which is really sad. She's been C's teacher for 3 years, and is really talented. We'll miss her.

For some reason, going to the Home school convention gets me excited for what more we can learn. Silly me, I think the end of the year is time to crank up and see what else we can do before we finish for the year. So, we started Botany 2 weeks ago. We've been having fun looking at leaves and seeds. We started a germination experiment today, which should be fun to watch. I'm sure we'll do some on and off over the summer, but I really am winding down.
Another end of the year gear up is an accelerated reading program. I enjoy reading so much, as does S. C has recently started not just reading because I tell her to, but for fun. I'm excited to see what is in store. It's a good way for me to be reading some classics.

As we move into summer, I'm sure we'll do some math, spelling, and reading most days. We'll stick some science in occasionally, too.

Caleb got a little Lego set with Jesse and Bullseye yesterday. He is having so much fun with it! The cutest thing is that he keeps saying "Eye ball" instead of "Bullseye."

We made a trip to the orthodics place again today. They had 4 people come in and talk about what to do. They made a gooey mix that is the same as what is used to make retainers, so it smelled minty fresh. Then they had her stand in a bucket full of the mix, one foot at a time. When it firmed up, they had an impression they poured plaster into and made a little Hannah foot. She was so tired, she willingly put her head on the back of the chair in between each thing they did. The plan is to make something that will be formed around her foot, be opened on the top with a velcro closure. Something flexible, cushioning and supportive. How they'll do it, I'm not sure, but with 4 people collaborating on it, they should be able to do amazing things. One thing the surgeon didn't think we needed to do was take x-rays of her feet. However, we're going to do that next week to get an idea of what's going on in there.

Looking forward to a nice mostly quiet weekend. Have a good one!

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