Monday, May 9, 2011

I should be going to bed instead of posting, but we had such a great weekend! We went from thinking of a hotel, to camping, to camping in a friends back yard, to crashing in their house. The kids had a fabulous time the whole weekend. We did make it to SDC for part of Saturday. We saw an Austrian yodeler, an Irish harpist and a tenor, an Indian band, the Russian circus, Canadian dancers and fiddlers, and lots of people! No rides this time because we had an agenda! It was the kids' choice to just see shows and eat food. Fine with me.

The kids gave me presents before we left- C made a fun bracelet and necklace out of colored paper clips, S made a card that had a cute picture of us together (me barely taller than her is.) H brought some bath salts and a card home from school. Both she and C made a cute craft at church. I got flowers to plant, a good book to read (an American leader's bio) 1/2 my kids with me, and a nap! Awesome day!

One of the most exciting things that came out of the weekend is going to have to wait. Suffice it to say, I am so happy about this, and everyone else is pretty excited, too. Stay tuned for more information...

When we got home, Caleb cried when he saw me. I was so tired, it was ok. H was not crying, it was no big deal I was home. That Grandma is amazing! What's to miss about mommy when you've got someone as fun as she is? She righted my house and took awesome care of the kids. What I would do without her, I don't know. I am truly blessed with my parents- my dad had to agreed to let her go for the weekend! Thanks for life, mom!

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