Saturday, April 3, 2010


Yesterday, Samuel and I join our CC Director and her daughter, who happens to be in my class, on a trip to OKC. Every year, an organization called TeenPact has an event in each state's capital where you can go to learn about how bills are presented and passed, how the government works, better public speaking, as well as walking around the capital and praying for the various branches of government. Samuel had to follow a dress code and looked really sharp. He had a love/hate relationship with the clothes, but obediently did as was required.(This is where I've spent many hours waiting for documents to be apostilled.)
We had such a nice time just enjoying the learning, without it being a really intense day, as well as an opportunity to restart my sweater! One of the most fun parts for me was when they had to use parliamentary procedures and would be called on it for not stating things correctly. "Would the speaker in the well please yield to a question?" And they could say, "No." The leaders were teens, and were very impressive. I'm hopeful we'll continue this and that one day Samuel and Catherine can be involved.

Samuel was in charge of the camera, and 59 pictures later, we have nearly every piece of artwork in the capital, several views of the Supreme Court chamber, etc. We went on a scavenger hunt and one of the questions was "what is the Governor's middle name?" We got off the elevator, and who happened to be walking past, but Governor Henry, himself! I got to ask him the question.
We need to pray for our leaders daily and make sure we're acting as commanded by being involved politically. I was reminded that taking back our nation for godly purposes can't be done by wishing or complaining.

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Alice said...

Wow, great trip! I can't get my kids interested.:(