Friday, April 23, 2010

Been having a lot of fun around here and keeping the momentum of life rolling.
The weather has been beautiful, and thankfully the rain has come at night, so we can be out during the day. However, that has led to a bit of difficulty getting our schoolwork done.

Yesterday, I finally gave in to having a semi-productive day inside, and having fun in nature for the rest. We went to a park after Caleb's nap and got to feed the ducks and geese bread. We found a mama sitting on her eggs- no wonder she kept hissing at the kids and wouldn't move to get the bread! We got to experience the wonders of their intestinal tracts as we stepped in their messes. We got to learn how to deal with disappointments when yucky shoes slip while you're removing them, and get your other leg dirty. We looked at bark and the cones on a coniferous tree and saw how its branches grow. It was perfect weather and we all enjoyed the brief time there before Catherine had to go to dance.

After dance, we were blessed with a fluffy backyard visitor- a bunny! C & C were so eager to get close, they chased it across the street and through 2 yards before we finally gave it some peace!
Last night, Buddy and I got to watch The Blind Side. What an amazingly touching movie! I felt so good after watching, knowing that our time to do that for Hannah is coming ever nearer! It also made me feel a little impatient, honestly. Back to trusting the Lord...

Today I went back to the yarn shop because I'm about back to the place I was when I had to rip it out before. Well, it's wrong again. However, I can combine my pattern with another and come out with a totally different sweater that will fit me. :) I felt a bit of distress coming on after working so hard to redo. As I left, I had hope that I could still make it through. We had adjusted the pattern for my small size in # of stitches, decreased the size of the needles, and the weight of the yarn, all because I misunderstood the pattern. I always had to do that when I sewed for myself growing up, and just assumed I was doing it right. I'm really thankful I can still use what I have and not be at a total loss, times two!

Trying to find some days for SDC while it's World Fest and while Buddy is busy. It makes the time go so much faster, and our days easier if we're occumpied and not home missing him.

Have a great weekend!

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