Thursday, April 15, 2010


Samuel tested for Memory Master today. In CC, if you can recite all the memory work we've learned over the couse of the year, you are a MM. It's tough to do, but he really wanted to do it. I had Catherine pre-test, too, but she decided the extra work to shore up all the info was not what she wanted. Fair enough, she gave it an excellent try and showed me more in that test than she had been showing the past few weeks. Monday, he had to say everything, but today was the final, where the Director picked and chose questions. Although he struggled a bit, he did it! I'm so pleased at his hard work and his accomplishment. Now, to think of a proper celebration of his good work.... Actually, he's headed to a Father/Son event at church tonight. Some good one-on-one time with Dad will be a great reward.

News came that papers are one step closer to asking for a court date! The Russian incident appears to not be influencing Hannah's country at all. Praise the Lord!

Time to get back to QuickBooks. Taxes are all done, just trying to make sure I'm caught up on this year.

Have an awesome day!

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Hi~I'm Alysha said...

Just wanted to stop by & say Hi :) Played catch up here & really like your hair :) God is good & is for sure moving in the heart of ROG to get the kiddo's home. We got news that Nika's parents rights will have to be terminated for us to move on. God has never closed the door, but has always left it just a hair trust in His perfect timing Nika too will come home..rather it's our home or his parents I leave to our Heavenly Father. (only if they chose to take him home will the termination not move forward) When you go for your Hannah be sure to give him a HUGE hug from me :) Wishen I could do it myself...someday..
Praying everything just keeps on moving with His peace & grand plan :)