Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yesterday, our Power of Attorney got shipped to ROG, so we're ready for the judge's ruling!
I got my much needed 3 crowns started today. (Who knew it was going to be so painful after everything wore off?) I was supposed to do 2 in May and delayed, thinking we'd travel and I'd be in another country with temporary crowns. Now, it's turned to 3 and I don't care. I'll bring a tube of glue with me and stuff them back on if I have to!
I bought a book for Hannah on amazon.com called "I Wished for You and adoption story" by Marianne Richmond. It's so good- explaining why the birth mom's wish became finding a family for her baby, why they look different, the waiting process, so many things that we're experiencing and ready to share with Hannah. Be ready, though, because you'll need some Kleenex!

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