Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mom came over and I got part way to meeting Buddy so we could go to a notary, and the car started acting up. Thank God, I was close to the dealership and I could stop by. They NEVER have loaner cars unless you make an appointment. They did for me today! Off to meet Buddy- in and done in 5 minutes and he was back to class. They let me have the car for the day, so I still got to go to OKC. This let me get our paperwork off to Robin today instead of waiting for them to get it, process it, and it make its way out of the capital.
We needed to finalize some things on our immigration papers, and unfortunately, that has to wait until tomorrow moring. It'll work out fine, though, since we have to pick up our car in the morning. That will be in and done and we'll wait to hear from USCIS.
We could have interesting Christmas plans, and I hope we do. Looking forward to making plans to travel to far away places...

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Charissa said...

Wow, Christmas? Really?? :)