Tuesday, December 8, 2009


We've been having such a great, full time lately, with our Christmas school program, our trip to Branson, our Pastor's homegong celebration, getting car things taken care of, homeschooling, decorating for Christmas. The kids did a really nice job at their program- they played a song on the tin whistle and recited some of their memory work. My class did an awesome job, even though we were short 2 students. It was a lot of fun for everyone. Mom was able to join us, and Buddy, who had something he was supposed to do for school, was able to get there, too. I'm already missing my friends while we take this short break.

Catherine had her recital for dance and was so excited about her outfit! They did a nice job, and had enough time to perform it twice. Grandma, again, came to support her kids. What would we do without her?

We got a real tree this year, the 1st since Samuel was about 6 weeks old. I tucked him inside my coat as we andered around looking at trees. Look how big he is now! I'm already having some fun keeping the needles vacuumed up, but it sure smells great! We had Hope and Ava over while we decorated the tree, and everyone got to help. That picture is on my phone, and I'll have to figure out how to make that move.
Saving the best for last. I got an email that the attorney in ROG needs another set of Power of Attorney papers. There are so many things I wish I could explain about what has happened in this process, but until it's over, I can't or shouldn't, and after it's over, what difference will it make? It does seem like the things that have been hindering our progress are out of the way and we're actually seeing the good things happening. I'm off to meet Buddy during school so we can get papers notarized, then on to OKC to get apostilled. Funny thing is, I just got a letter telling me I had a credit at the SOS office and they were going to refund it. I'll need all but $10 for the apostilles I get tomorrow. We're cutting things a little close with our immigration approval. We had to ask for an extension and got a letter back requesting a bunch of other information. If things are moving quickly here at the end, as it appears they are, we need to get this new paperwork in tomorrow. Unfortunately, I could've taken it to OKC with me and not mailed it if I'd coordinated better with our Social Worker. Oh well. God is still faithful and will give us favor to get it done at the perfect time.

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Mary said...

Awww that costume of Catherine's is so cute! I can see why she was so excited to wear it. I just had a costume fitting today for the show I'm in and didn't want to take the costume off at the end of the night because I loved it so much :-)

Glad to hear that things are moving along fast on the Georgia front - I'd been praying that you'd get some good news soon.