Friday, October 2, 2009


My parents are doing much better. Mom was able to get in with one of the best hand surgeons in Tulsa early this morning. He said she has a fracture that almost always separates and is very painful. We believe God is holding everything together. She's in a long arm cast for 4 weeks and then to a short cast. Was given the option of pins, but chose the cast. I agree! They drove down to the hospital with mom driving one handed and dad navigating from the back. Just couldn't be there at 6 am this morning to help out.
On our way to the PAC for Charlotte's Web. Caleb is a bit sleepy, so I'm hopeful he'll make it through alright.
We had a meeting of the moms last night and I feel greatly relieved. It seems no one is actually doing everything on the checklist for the week. The assignments cover a lot, but they are designed to be the end product of 3 years of work. Here I was trying to make sure Samuel went over every little thing they had and feeling overwhelmed myself.

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