Monday, October 26, 2009

We made it!

Today was the first day of the new life as we know it. Catherine was able to see Buddy for a while before he left for school. Definitely need some streamlining of his morning routine, but all in all an ok start. The boys both slept in until 7:40, which is nearly record breaking for Samuel. Off to school we went and had the best day in my class since about week 2. I took time this morning to pray for my students and for peace. Hmmm. I think it's a winning formula. I also got this handy gadet from one of the moms in my class who felt my pain, that chimes when you hit it on a table. It catches the kids' attention and they stop talking. I only had to use it twice and was very pleased with the results. We started working on our tin whistle song. It went really well. It's a really good reminder to be thankful to my band and piano teachers growing up!

Because Buddy is gone most of the day, we have some conflicts with schedules in the evening/afternoon. Thankfully, my babysitter was able to come today so I could take Catherine to dance and run to scouts with Samuel. A huge help came from 2 moms who a) picked up Samuel before scouts and b) dropped Catherine off at home when dance was done. And then there was the friend who made dinner for us so I didn't have to cook! It was a pretty rough day on Caleb, though who only saw me for less than 3 hours today. That may not sound bad, but when you're used to, being together the whole time you're awake, it's tough. Needless to say, bedtime was a little rough. Grace for all of us in the season!
Tomorrow will be a much better day.

Off to pack Buddy's lunch for tomorrow.

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