Friday, October 9, 2009

Convergence insufficiency

For a while now, we've had some serious challenges with Catherine's reading. It's been a huge frustration for both of us. She'll be able to to share some of what she read, but at other times, she can't remember anything. She was telling me her eyes were doing funny things and that she had a headache when she read. Honestly, we'd been through quite a bit of lying from her and I chalked it up to more of the same. I wasn't very patient with her. When I sat down with her, she could do it, so I really didn't think it was anything. I finally made an appointment for her just so I could show her how fine she was.
We met nice people at the Dr.'s and came home with a diagnosis of Convergence Insufficiency. They sounded like it was a very common thing and had a plan to get her into therapy- basically physical therapy for her eyes, weekly, for the next 12 or so weeks.
I felt badly about how I'd judged the situation. That goes to show me that you can't base some behaviors on what you've seen in the past and really have to rely heavily on God's help for this parenting thing.
Catherine seems excited/relived about going for therapy.
So, next week is dentist for 2, orthodontist for 1, eye therapy for 1, 2 days of dance, 1 cub scouts, 2 of football.

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