Tuesday, July 7, 2009

random posts

We took off for the zoo this am, trying to get out before it got too hot and muggy. Amazing what 2 hours of pushing a stroller in humidity does! Gives me a good idea that I need to do it more often! Everyone had fun, so I'm glad we went, even though no one could join us.

I've been praying about what to do for homeschool this coming year, since our very helpful and fun fellow hs'ers are making changes in their schooling. One day in the spring I met a lady at the library homeschool group who told me about a Classical Conversations community starting in our town in the fall. I'd heard of schools using this model, but not homeschooling, and really liked the idea. Well, I finally contacted someone about it last week, found out about a practicum going on in a nearby town, went the next day and knew this is what we should be doing. Long story short, I offered to be a tutor for the community this year. We'll meet on Mondays for 24 sessions. My request is to not tutor S or C's classes, but to allow them to have some time to learn from someone else and be kids, not my children. I will have to sit with Samuel in the 2nd half of the day so I can learn what he needs to be doing at home in those classes. C will be just mornings, S will be morning and afternoon. (It is a requirement to sit with your children during these tutoring sessions so you know what to be working on for the week.)

It was a shock for me to realize I needed to plan for Hannah, too, during this time. For so long it's been a far off thought that would be here "someday." Someday is really coming up fast and she'll be here for the school year! Great news is that she can be with me where ever I am and does not have to go into the preschool. When she's ready, I'm sure she'll enjoy it. So, in 2 weeks I'll be heading to OKC for another practicum where I'll get the training for tutors, and a meeting before that to learn more about our specific group. Very exciting, but I'm wondering if I've bitten off more than I can chew. God is there to help me do this, too. Catherine is so excited about this new event she is saying she wished school could start tomorrow! Right after she asked if any mean people will be there. I told her we could work on language tomorrow. he he!

We've had news that final documents have been obtained for Hannah. We're just needing the court date. I've been tempted to get frustrated with delays, but in the end had to decide if I still believed God was bringing our daughter home to us. She IS our daughter in our heart and was immediately. If our wait was years and years, she would still be the daughter of our heart and we would patiently wait for God to bring it to pass.


Mary said...

Sounds really cool! I can see why C is so excited about it :-)
Also, I'm so glad to hear about the progress made in your adoption journey!

spahrfamily said...

I am so happy your little Hannah will be coming home soon. You guys are awesome and the perfect family for that little angel.