Monday, July 20, 2009

Busy day

I took a friend with me today to OKC for a Classical Conversations Practicum. She was curious about the curriculum and I wanted to go to the tutor training. We had such a nice ride there and back. A lot was confirmed while we were there. The awesome thing is that tomorrow, she and her husband will go together so he can see what it's all about, too. I now have a homeschool buddy to do fun things with this year! I'm so thankful for that.
Mom so kindly watched the kids at the very last minute so we could go. Very nice. Caleb was very excited to see Grandma today. As I was getting him for bed, he took the phone away so he could talk some more to her. I'm so glad they had a good time.

When I got home, my curriculum had arrived! I'm the type who gets something, takes out all the pieces, reads about it and puts it all together. So, my memory cards for the whole year are in order and my manual for the afternoon class is in a binder in the book shelf. I'm ready to start teaching right now!

Samuel's friend Ian is in football at the tender age of 9. This will be his second season. I remember when my brother played in jr. high how tough it was. I played in the pep band at each home game and felt really bad when he got hit or didn't get to play. They start them young here and work them hard. Ian's mom called to let me know there was a football camp 3 nights this week to give Samuel a taste. Oh, my! I'm not prepared for the time commitment, nor the pain for him. However, Buddy thought it would be great for him to try. So, this evening, in 90's weather, he was on the H.S. football field running drills. He came home exhausted, but quite pleased. There is a draft for 4th graders and he said, "mom, do you think I'll get drafted?" Hope and concern all in one. He tried a linebacker position, of all things! Isn't there something with a little less contact? Oh, my.
I'm sure they'll all sleep nicely tonight.

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