Monday, July 13, 2009

I got training pants for Caleb today, knowing it is time to get him started again. We did well for a while, then had a busy schedule where we were gone a lot and wouldn't be able to consistently put him on the potty. We've been home a lot lately and he's 22 months. I know not to compare, but Samuel was already bowel trained by this time.
Today, Catherine wanted to help me by changing his diaper. Samuel is at golf camp in the mornings this week, so we have special time together. Anyway, C got C on the potty and the shield isn't big enough cuz it made a great spray. We put his training pants on, set the timer for 30 minutes and went to get a snack. I got an email this am with good news on our adoption, so I went to see if there was anything else that had come in. Here he came and said "poo poo." Sure enough, he'd filled his pants. To the potty to clean up and put on new pants, only to wet them a few minutes later.
He's back in a diaper and down for a nap since he went to sleep 2 hours after we put him in bed. We did put him in 45 minutes before Samuel, but was still awake, we rocked him after Samuel was in there and put him back down, but he still talked and talked. We'll get there!

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amy said...

bless your heart..Yes you will get there!