Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another week gone by

I really need to get some pictures posted, still! OK. somehow, today I will.
So how did things go last week? Thanks for asking. Catherine was so excited about her graduation, singing her songs over and over. She prefers her crocs to any shoes and those of you who know her know I should take more control in her clothing choices but have yet to take it on, preferring her independence and slight mismatches to a melt down if things need to be changed. (Of course, all that could be avoided if we put our clothes out the night before.) ANYWAY, all that to say, I had to make a last minute trip to buy her some new shoes since her others were too small. Just in time, she had a new pair of sparkly pink shoes! She did great and the battery held up on the video camera. Grandma was there, which made it extra special. Caleb did really well even with it being so late. There were some people behind us who were talking to him and trying to get him to smile. The paci really kept him quiet, but I took it out so he could smile at them. He let out the loudest screech! Every child in that group of graduates will have a special way to remember Caleb when they watch their dvd!
Friday I got to help the 2nd graders with their Indian history projects. I was the official Navajo necklace helper. The kids were really fun to talk to. Even though it wasn't Samuel's class, I got to see kids who were with him last year and whom he plays with this year. Saturday we went to the zoo and played for a while. There was a really cute girl there and Catherine played with her. She happened to be 3. Wow, great visual of Hannah for me. Sometimes I forget she's not coming to us in a cute little bundle,
Sunday was mom's party and boy, was she surprised! It was a lot of fun to see her shock and see her enjoying herself. Dad was pretty pleased, which was also fun to see. Monday was fairly quiet, which was nice, then yesterday I helped Catherine's class in the morning with their all sports day, did the 2nd grade's ice cream party in the afternoon. In between I called Robin to find out the ROG scoop and found out the people responsible for either moving things along or for letting us know what's happening are out of the country, she thinks. I was glad to hear nothing on our part had gone awry and hope those wonderful people will remember to check voicemails and emails AND respond.
After I got done with Robin, I hurried to pick up S & C only to find Samuel had gotten sick. So that was my afternoon, evening and into the night. Boy, did I wish I had an extra set of arms, elastic ones would have been even better!
So, Samuel is missing out on his last project, class cook out and year book signing party. He was able to watch the same Veggie Tales video his class was watching in Bible, though. I got a pic of the whole 2nd grade and Catherine's teacher was getting one of the kindergarteners. I want to take them to ROG with us when we go with all the goods we will buy with the money they raised.
In a bit I'm off to do Catherine's ice cream party. The fun just keeps going! However,, onlt one more day of school and I'll have a 3rd and 1st graders!
We're finishing up the garage sale Friday am. so I have to get busy making signs and getting things organized again. I'm SOOOO glad we're not pricing things! Mom will once again be helping me, so we'll have fun. Anything that's left is going to Good will or someone who will pick it up. no more garage sales for me! This is more than I've done in the past 5 years, I'm sure.

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Charissa said...

Delahne, I've got that dresser I told you about. Do you still want it or is it more trouble than it's worth. We have a Goodwill down the street too. :)