Sunday, January 30, 2011

It took a little longer than I thought to have my little treat, but I finally had it today and slowly enjoyed it all day long. Literally. I started at 9 AM and finished at 9:30 pm. I think I'm good for a bit!
Ok, so the project we've been working on is a school room built into our garage! We only put one car in, anyway, and we needed more space with little investment right now. Dad helped my brother do it in his garage, so he already knew what I needed. One of my friends from babyhood and his wife came and helped, too. It's taken 3 partial days of work, but we've got the walls up, sheetrocked, insulated, and 1/2 painted. I have a door into the garage so we can go through, still, and the door I thought didn't open going outside is functioning and the nasty paint on the window is gone! Sunlight! (Insert singing.) The great thing is that I found the money stashed away in a kitchen cabinet to cover anything we didn't already have to use at home. God is so good like that. We even have carpet and padding we'd used for the kids' rooms left over to use for the floor. So, in a few days, we should have it all together and begin the process of moving things out of the house and scattered closets and into one room. The thing I'm excited about? My big white board! The thing Catherine is excited about? Hanging up her work on the wall. Samuel isn't so excited, and Hannah doesn't comment. Caleb just wants to be out playing in the toy nook we made. I'll post pictures as soon as I can.
We enjoyed beautiful days last week, and tried to take advantage of it. We took walks and played outside. It's so good for Hannah to be out in the back yard "racing" with the others across the yard. She actually walked pretty far the day we took our walk. She's been sleeping very well as a result!
The snow is headed our way this week, so that all stops. Buddy got a fast sled for the kids to use, so we're eagerly awaiting the first use. Sammy had a blast running around in the last snow, but he got a little too excited about his freedom and ran farther away than I'd have liked to chase him. I'm thinking this week might be good for playing games we haven't in a while, reading good books, baking, playing, and organizing.
Anyone have good tips on training Sammy to NOT chew on everything he sees? There is not too much sacred to him, and he's 2 1/2. We have bones, balls, toys, stuffed dog toys, but he finds pens, crayons, little figures, paper, ziploc bags, ANYTHING that might be left on the floor briefly. We're working on little people picking things up quickly, too.
Have a happy one!

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