Friday, September 17, 2010

What a sweet day for me! I woke up to "Don't come out, mom." I happily complied with their wishes. In come the kids with breakfast in bed. Our traditional oatmeal with a candle in it. In this case, there wasn't a 4, so 4 individual candles and a 0. Followed by a fairly good morning of school, including being seranaded by fellow CCers, thank you very much! Catherine and Samuel made our lunch, followed by a brief bit of school, a movie for fun, and a mandatory rest for me. They were working on a surprise, but needed quite a bit of advice, so I eventually got up, cleaned up all the many measuring spoons, cups and bowls, finished making the cake Samuel started, and completed the dinner Catherine started. So glad we could be all together for this day. Can you tell who decorated the cake? Pretty ingenious, I thought. Cake and ice cream, Kung Fu, and some Survivor top off the day.
Funny comment about the day- Catherine said, "You don't look 40. What do people look like when they're 40?" Sweet girl!


Leslie said...

Love, love, love the cake ;) Thanks for tolerating our singing - haha! I didn't realize this was the big failed to mention that! Enjoy :)

Tamara's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday!!! You don't look 40!!! Trust me I know there's been a 40 something year old stuck in my mirror for almost a decade. ;o)
Happy Birthday and Many.. many more!!! LOVE the cake! What a creative idea. Sounds like a wonderful day! Yay!

Nan and Dan said...

so so sweet!!!!!
and you are just a baby :) :)
hope you had a great birthday!