Thursday, September 16, 2010

The big 4-0

This post has nothing to do with my family, and is all about me. Why? Because this is the eve of my 40th birthday. What did I expect in turning 40? Nothing really. It's such a wierd thing, since my life is so different from my parents', who had an empty next by the time they were this age, and because I look so radiantly young! Really, though, it's hard to feel old when your youngest is 3! I have at least until I'm 55 before it'll time for everyone to scoot out on their own. Considering Buddy's age at the time, I'm a spring chicken! ;) (Don't tell him I said that.)

I'm really thankful that God gives me the strength and energy to keep up with my life. Some days, I rely on Him more, and I have the peace and the wisdom to deal with all my life entails. It's those days I get too busy, too impatient, too self-centered to look beyond myself to the inner strength He wants to give that I have the worst times. So, you can tell what my quest/need for the coming year is.

A haircut was in order. Starting with a change for the next 40 years sounded great. I was conservative, since I know Buddy doesn't like it very short, and only cut off 2 inches. No one even noticed, which tells me I should've been braver than I was. Next time...

I finally read Jany Eyre for the first time. It really was fun to stay up until 12 and 1 am to finish it. I was trying to tell Buddy the story, and he didn't get into it as much as I did. But to find out the customs of the day, stretch my brain (I should have had a dictionary nearby) while I was learning new vocabulary, and read a story that was over 160 years old was fabulous! One of the draw backs of going to a little school was not having to read classics. I'm up for another, this time with either a notebook to write things down, or a dictionary at my side. Any suggestions? There are all those parenting/self improvement books that I have on my bookshelf, too.... I think a classic is calling a little louder. :)

There is a lot to be thankful for on this birthday. I'm surrounded by blessings and love. I've had great adventures so far, and trust God to bring even more my way. My plan is to live to be quite old, but not the old, wasting away kind of old, which gives me time for lots of living. Won't it be fun to look back after another chunk of time has gone by?

The boys are out now shopping for my present. It's going to be fun to see what they come up with and how the kids mark the day. They told me that because it is my birthday, they decided not to do school. My thoughts were in a little different direction- because it's my birthday, you should do a really nice job and not make it rough on me. I'm sure it'll be the way I planned.

Hope you enjoy your day as much as I do mine. And, please, have some cake or ice cream to celebrate with me.


Mary said...

Happy almost-birthday! Hope you have a great day!

I read Jane Eyre when I was in 5th grade and loved it! I picked it up off of one of our bookshelves* one day and decided to read it on a whim. I was so hooked that it was agony to wait through the school day until I could get home to finish the last few chapters. I would recommend Dickens - he pays a lot of attention to the social and economic dynamics of his time. Since Christmas is coming up in a few months, I recommend trying A Christmas Carol. My family reads it aloud at Christmas every year :-)

*My house is full of books (a huge understatement - every room in my house has at least one wall (yes, wall) of floor to ceiling book cases that are double stacked with books), so as a kid I had access to many books without having to make a trip to the library. It was GREAT! As a result, I grew up with a life long love of reading.

Charissa said...

Wonderful post Delahne! You have a spectacular birthday. Why don't you come to Branson with us and we will celebrate.

Alice said...

Delahne, welcome to the over 40 club! My husband is older, too-15 yrs. older! I LOVE classics. I have read Jane Eyre at least 5 times. My daughter and I studied it together last year. She then read Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen as a comparison. The main character, Fanny, was also raised by relatives. An even better comparison for an adult would be, Agnes Gray by Anne Bronte. Her story is also about a young governess. I find it less dismal than the realism in Jane Eyre, but less frivolous than Jane Austen. I think you might actually get a truer picture of what a governess' life would have been like. Enjoy!